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AFC Therapists offers counseling and therapy
for individuals and families
in Naperville, Downers Grove, Aurora and Lake Zurich, Illinois.

If you’re …

  • Having trouble concentrating at home or work
  • Experiencing fear, anxiety, or depression
  • Desiring healthier, more satisfying relationships
  • Spending a lot of time worrying about things
  • Having a hard time falling or staying asleep
  • Struggling with a difficult family situation
  • Having difficulty adapting to a new stage of life

…  we’re here to help.

Our sincere desire is to offer you support and guidance in finding your path to healing, wholeness, and emotional well being – your path to your best life.
  • Our attention is focused on you.
  • We have a team of effective, passionate therapists.
  • We make it easy to start.
  • Leave the paperwork to us.

“Discover your path to your best life”

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Get relationships back on track.
Start down the path today
Break free.
We know the way out of depression and anxiety and want to help.

Healing your Family

Family balance is important.
Let us help you find harmony for your family.
Live Well. Age Well.
Take care of soul, mind, and body.

Our team values ongoing learning and sharing of knowledge

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Top Myths About Depression

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What’s Happening to Our Kids?

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